MontClairVoyant: When a Big Eclipse and a BOE Meeting Happen on the Same Day

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You were away during Montclair’s last two Board of Education meetings, including the August 21 one. Feel guilty?

Rhea Gretzivehadafew

I’ll discuss Monday’s meeting later in this column, but will apologize now for my BOE attendance being “eclipsed” by modest vacations.


Sigh — will you unoriginally devote some of this August 24 column to the major August 21 eclipse?

Celeste Teeyal

When I saw that eclipse during my Massachusetts visit, the sun looked like a crescent moon. So now I’ll always wear eclipse glasses on The Crescent, a Montclair street conveniently close to several therapists I seem to need.


On Facebook, I saw a 1932 New York Times story predicting THE EXACT DATE of this week’s eclipse — 85 years in that story’s future. How can climate-change deniers ignore the power and accuracy of science?

Semper Sci

Most right-wing politicians, right-wing corporate execs, and right-wing media people know climate change is real, but there’s money and ideological points in denying it. What’s really a hoax is any claim that Planning Board meetings are brief.


Some Montclair developers think of themselves as liberal, and may even include “green” elements in new projects, but isn’t it profoundly unecological to have buildings so huge and populated that traffic gets much worse?

N. Vironmental-Disaster

Some of the stuck cars are hybrids.


Did those getting-ever-richer developers wear eclipse glasses of the finest cardboard? Anyway, back to the August 21 BOE meeting. Highlights?

News You Can Peruse

It was thankfully announced that some valued paraprofessionals will be hired back after this spring’s dismaying budget cuts. Money was freed up either by retirements or by a counterfeiting operation run by Edgemont Pond geese.


Also, I read that Gayl Shepard will be on special assignment with the district’s assistant superintendent for equity. Comment?

A Toast to a New Post

Shepard became well known for admirably leading the Montclair Education Association — proving that, despite worst-human-on-the-planet Donald Trump, “president” can be a positive word when the right person holds that job.


In addition, there was talk at the BOE meeting about having student representation on the BOE. Is that a good idea?

Classroom With a View

Yes! Students (as well as teachers and other school staffers) are on the front lines. And that’s where they’ll return in 14 days — or, as Pearson math worksheets might say, 60 days divided by 3, minus 13, times 2, plus millions…for Pearson’s CEO.


And, at the BOE meeting, Montclair’s library director discussed providing meals to students who need them during the no-school summer. Thoughts?

Ate Is Enough

A great program that shows how Montclair, despite having some rich bigwigs not doing the right thing on issues such as overdevelopment, has MANY helping-our-town people (whose eclipse glasses were probably made of average cardboard).



Dave Astor, author, is the MontClairVoyant. His opinions about politics and local events are strictly his own and do not represent or reflect the views of Baristanet.




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