Local Collective Formed to Support Independent Arts in Montclair

In an effort to provide support to independent and DIY arts in Montclair, a new collective has been formed by local artists, musicians, and community activists.

Indie Arts Montclair, aka I AM, aims to increase visibility to local alternative arts through networking and collaborations.

This Sunday, 9/10, at The Creativity Caravan (28 S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair), Indie Arts Montclair is holding an informative reception and free screening of “We Jam Econo”, a great documentary on the legendary DIY/Punk band “The Minutemen”. Seating is limited and snacks will be served at this all-ages, inclusive event. Doors open at 5pm and the movie starts at 5:30.

Future I AM projects include more film screenings, podcasts, music performances, art installations, skillshares, a directory of DIY and community focused arts spaces, and much more!

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