Boo! A Glimpse of Overbrook Asylum's Last Walk

Halloween is the perfect time to watch Wheeler Antabanez make a spooky last walk through Overlook Asylum. Antabanez has been photographing Overbrook Asylum since he was a kid and documenting the demolition since 2011.

“Over the years I’ve become a familiar sight to the demolition crew,” says Antabanez. “When they saw me lurking in the woods to film the powerhouse smokestack coming down, the big boss was nice enough to invite me inside the perimeter for a closer look.”

“Mechanics Steve and Justin asked me to give them a tour of the remaining buildings from a former trespasser’s point of view,” says Antabanez. Here is what he saw of what is left of the Essex County Hospital Center:

If you like this video, hear Antabanez read a story from his book “The Old Asylum and Other Stories,” on November 2nd at the Chatham Library (214 Main Street, Chatham), from 7-9 p.m. He’ll be signing copies of the Old Asylum and Nightshade on the Passaic plus sharing some of his art projects made from reclaimed Overbrook wood. Sign up online, in person, or by phone at 973-635-0603.

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