Vanillamore Dessert Kitchen Wins Us Over With S’Mores and More

Dessert is a treat and at Vanillamore Dessert Kitchen, you will be treated to inventive, delicious dessert creations. Sure, you can go to Vanillamore for lunch and dinner (their tagline is Sweet. Savory. Social.) but coming to Vanillamore and not having dessert would be missing out on something special.

Desserts are the star attraction at Vanillamore and you are reminded of it when you glance over at a giant video wall playing one cake decorating video after another. Even the modern art work, both on the walls and the screen — from the Chloe Gallery in San Francisco — feature still-life feasts, many with desserts.

Vanillamore offers a space where you are encouraged to interact with your food and your dining partners. We sat at the horseshoe-shaped bar with a view of the open kitchen and the giant screen. Small plates perfect for pairing and sharing include smoky Brussels sprouts with pancetta, some toothsome turkey meatballs in a ginger scallion sauce, and spicy chorizo and potatoes with red pepper and capers (all priced at $9). There were also larger plate options including a skirt steak or roast chicken, as well as lamb chops, a special, on the night we visited.

Still, even while you are enjoying your “savory,” you have to save room for sweet. Dessert options include dessert charcuterie boards (mimicking the appearance of their savory counterpart of meats and cheeses also on the menu, but instead with chocolate salami, fruit and nut confections and other surprises). There are also dessert flights and dessert tapas.

We tried The S’Mores ($12), featuring vanilla bean marshmallows, toasted and paired with different chocolate, vanilla and graham cracker short breads and served with espresso, buttered rum and caramel sauces to embellish them. To drink with the s’mores was a spicy Aztec hot chocolate, rich, dark and with a delicious kick.

Another fave was the Milk & Cookies ($10) served with a sweet vanilla malted milk in whimsical miniature milk bottles. Snickerdoodles with espresso caramel; chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate fudge and sea salt; and our favorite, ginger molasses with toasted marshmallow took the classic comfort food to the next level.

And if you somehow didn’t save room for dessert, Vanillamore also sells sweet treats to bring home, too.

Vanillamore Dessert Kitchen, 349 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, 973-707-5373.

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