Montclair To Get Bowled Over With Acai and Poké Bowls

The insanely popular Playa Bowls in Montclair is reopening in a new location. Playa Bowls will move to 28 South Park Street (the former Oil & Vinegar location that closed late September), a bigger space that will also accommodate a bigger menu, including a whole other kind of bowl — poké bowls. This favorite Hawaiian dish, which typically features raw marinated fish with vegetables over rice, is almost like a deconstructed sushi roll.

Playa Bowls tells Baristanet:

“We love being in Montclair and as one of our most successful stores we realized we needed more space to better serve our customers. We also see the need to bring Poke to Montclair and have concocted an amazing menu with the help of our friend Rick who owns Xina in Toms River. This new space is going to have some amazing design features and allow for some perfect photo ops for our customers. Same vibe. Same menu. Larger space for the Montclair community that we know and love!”

Former Playa Bowls location is now Sweet Berry Bowls.

Meanwhile, the bowls never stopped at Playa Bowls’ former location at 19 Church Street, which has operated continuously but changed over to Sweet Berry Bowls. You might not notice the difference at first, except for a new sign and a new menu that includes acai, pitaya, coconut and green bowls (drizzled with Nutella if you like), as well as smoothies, oatmeal and coffee. Sweet Berry Bowls is open seven days a week.

Montclair Center isn’t the only place to get bowls. In addition to acai, fruit and oatmeal bowls offered at Juice Culture, in early 2018, Upper Montclair will get its own poké bowl spot. Little Bear Poke Montclair (it even rhymes) will offer poké, Japanese rice balls, and shaved ice in Upper Montclair.

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