Saying Goodbye To The Bellevue At The Last Showing

The very last showing at The Bellevue Theatre was Sunday night, with the 7:45 p.m. showing of “A Bad Moms Christmas.” Outside a small group of 15 came to say goodbye outside the theatre. Inside, the screening of the movie was more well attended, with theatre gooers, mostly moms, and a few couples and teens rounding out the crowd, sitting down to watch a movie at The Bellevue one last time. The movie, a Christmas comedy, helped in part to lighten the mood, until the ending, which was bittersweet with the audience clapping and saying goodbye to staff and the theater. Audience members left, taking pictures and some still hoping for a Christmas miracle to save The Bellevue.

Last show in Theater 2.

Evan Cutler who attended the gathering outside the theater, which he describes was more like a wake with people stopping to reminisce and take photos in front of The Belleve, came back and snapped this photo of the staff leaving The Bellevue. Cutler says workers, who only learned that the theater and their jobs would be gone on Tuesday, left with the last bags of popcorn.

Staff leaving Bellevue after final showing. Photo: Evan Cutler

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