Bloomfield and Nutley Police Arrest Montclair Man, Burglar Suspect Wanted in Nutley, Glen Ridge and Wayne

Bloomfield Police officers responded to a call Wednesday evening from Essex County Sheriff’s Officer Theodore Brown, who had arrested a man who had broken into his garage at approximately 11:00pm. Timear Haley, of Montclair, had broken into Officer Brown’s garage in an attempt to obtain supplies with which to fix his broken bike, which he was riding from Belleville back to Montclair. Officer Brown noticed the disturbance, and ordered Haley to get on the ground. Haley was handcuffed without incident. Bloomfield and Nutley Police officers quickly responded to Officer Brown’s call.

While at the scene of the arrest, Nutley police officers conducted a show-up identification regarding an incident that occurred in Nutley, with Haley being identified as the perpetrator of that crime. Following that positive identification, Haley was taken to Bloomfield Police headquarters by Officers Kevin McMillan and Argenis Vargas, where Central Communications ran Haley’s criminal history which revealed warrants from the Wayne Police Department and the Glen Ridge Police Department. Haley was charged by Bloomfield Police with 2c:18-2a (1) Burglary. He is currently in a cell in the Bloomfield Police Station awaiting transportation to the Essex County Correctional Facility. Since this crime was committed in Bloomfield, Haley will be tried by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Officer.

“It is fortunate that the victim of this burglary was a very well trained Essex County Sheriff’s Officer, who conducted himself with extreme professionalism both before and after our Bloomfield Police Officers showed up on the scene,” said Bloomfield Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “I would like to commend Bloomfield Police Officers McMillan and Vargas for their quick response, as well as the Nutley Police Officers who conducted a positive show-up identification that appears to have solved a crime committed in their jurisdiction. This incident was a great example of local and County officers of the law working together to do great police work, and I would like to commend all parties involved for their professionalism in making our communities safer.”

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