Montclair Man Resists Arrest After Bloomfield & East Orange Police Discover Heroin, Ecstasy, Klonopin In Vehicle

On Thursday evening, two officers participating in the Bloomfield-East Orange Border Patrol program arrested a drug trafficker driving through both towns. Bloomfield Police Officer Timothy Kealy and East Orange Police Officer David Solano noticed a vehicle with tinted windows–an equipment infraction–driving on Prospect Avenue in East Orange and began to follow the vehicle, pulling the driver over on Westcott Street in East Orange near the Bloomfield border. While speaking with the driver, 32 year-old Robert Clyburn of Montclair, they detected the smell of marijuana and began to search the vehicle, where they discovered 11.5 ounces of marijuana, four bundles of Heroin, 85 Tylenol with Codeine pills, Ecstasy and Klonopin, and $8,500 in Clyburn’s possession.

While reading Clyburn his Miranda Rights and preparing to handcuff him, Clyburn pushed the officers and attempted to run away. The officers tackled and handcuffed Clyburn, who struck both officers during the altercation, including striking Officer Kealy in the head. Additional Bloomfield and East Orange Police Officers arrived at the scene, and brought Clyburn to East Orange Police Headquarters to await transport to Essex County Correctional Facility. He has been charged with drug possession, drug distribution, drug distribution within 1,000 feet of a school, aggravated assault on police officers, and resisting arrest by force. Officers Kealy and Solano were treated for injuries to their knees and hands at a local hospital. Officer Kealy was also treated for an injury to his head.

“A dangerous drug trafficker is off the streets and in police custody thanks to the efforts of the Bloomfield-East Orange Border Patrol program. Bloomfield Police Officer Kealy and East Orange Police Officer Solano followed protocol and displayed extreme professionalism throughout the course of this incident. I am please to report both officers are expected to make fast and complete recoveries from the minor injuries they sustained, and I would like to thank both men for their bravery,” said Bloomfield Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “We will be continuing our investigation into this matter, and continuing our Border Patrol program with East Orange, which has resulted in several other arrests that will make both of our communities safer.”

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