Loving Montclair and The Siena #lovewhereyoulive


Do you love the street where you live? Is your apartment building terrific? Do you feel like you’ve finally found your dream home? Tell us why you #lovewhereyoulive – and send your submissions to [email protected]. First up is reader Adam Long who loves living at The Siena Montclair.

I lived in West Orange for 11 years, after which I moved into The Siena in Montclair. Initially I thought that I wanted to live in NYC; I had met with realtors to see condos close to the Lincoln Tunnel. My office is in Clifton, so I felt that the reverse commute would be easy and I’d also enjoy the perks of living in NYC. However, after learning from many people that the reverse commute in/out of NYC would hardly be a walk in the park, I ultimately decided to move into The Siena in Montclair instead. I greatly value a short commute to and from work, so decided that this was the best move. And what a great decision it has been!

The Siena has been a great place to live. Having never lived in a condo before, I thoroughly enjoy the world of perks that I had never experienced before – underground parking, the gym and Starbucks in the building, a concierge, a porter, and a candy store – it regularly occurs to me that it doesn’t get much better than this! To top it all off, The Siena residents are all “pretty cool” and I have made many friends here.

Now a four year Montclair veteran, I couldn’t be happier and can hardly imagine living without all of the amenities that I have gotten so accustomed to and love. Whole Foods, CVS, and dozens of shops, bars, and restaurants all within walking distance have changed my mind about needing to live in the city in order to enjoy those benefits. Also, with the direct trains going straight into NYC Penn Station, my girlfriend and I have made it a point to go in on a regular basis. Basically, living in Montclair truly gives me the best of both worlds!

Since living here, I have noticed the town moving in a more upscale direction. House prices have been increasing, the shops are getting classier and the restaurants are getting better and better. Also, the new solar powered hands-free garbage cans look nice and work well, and the all new parking meters, public flower arrangements, and town signs give the area an even more inviting and trendy appearance.

So to sum it up for all who are reading this, live in Montclair, and agree that this is a great place to live – let’s all contribute together to keep the town moving in this positive direction and make it even better so we can continue to call Montclair HOME!

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