Montclair Crime: Man Resists Arrest, Punches Officers Near Walnut Street Train Station


Th week in Montclair crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department


12-28-2017 (Depot Square) Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated male harassing commuters at the train station. Officers arrested Mr. Spencer Pitt, 56yoa from Middletown, after refusing to comply with their directions. During the arrest, Mr. Pitt punched and kicked the officers on scene. He was charged with Disorderly persons, Resisting Arrest, and Aggravated Assault on Police.


12-26-2017 (Willowdale Avenue) Theft of cash from a parked motor vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry.

12-28-2017 (Union Street) Burglary to a residence. Jewelry was taken from a safe in this incident. The safe in question was damaged in order to gain entry.

12-28-2017 (Bloomfield Avenue) An unlocked vehicle was rummaged through, but nothing reported missing.

12-28-2017 (Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of a laptop from an unlocked motor vehicle.

12-29-2017 (Glenridge Avenue) A purse was taken from a parked vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry.

12-29-2017 (Vera Place) A 2105 Gray Ford Escape was stolen from the driveway of a residence. This vehicle had been left unlocked with the key fob inside the vehicle. This vehicle was discovered moments later, on Glenridge Avenue.

12-30-2017 (Grant Street) An unlocked motor vehicle was rummaged through, but nothing reported taken.

12-30-2017 (Dairy Air, Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of an unattended cellphone. The suspect is described as a thin African-American female in her mid-20’s wearing a brown coat, brown hat and gray scarf, carrying a pink bag

12-31-2017 (Cuban Pete’s, Bloomfield Avenue) A wallet which had been inadvertently left in the men’s bathroom was stolen.

01-01-2018 (Wheeler Street) Theft of a delivered package from the front of a residence.

01-01-2018 (Gates Avenue) Burglary to a residence. Cash was removed from a safe in this incident.


12-28-2017 (Beverly Road) A rear passenger window was smashed out of a parked vehicle. Nothing was reported taken in this incident.

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