Montclair Crime: More Theft From Unlocked Motor Vehicles

The week in crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:


01-23-2018 (Hillside Avenue) Theft of a delivery vehicle, which had ben left running in the street. This vehicle was located within the hour, parked unoccupied in the City of Orange.

01-23-2018 (Ramsey Road) Burglary to a residence. Jewelry was taken in this incident.

01-24-2018 (Pine Street) Theft of an iPod Touch and loose change from a motor vehicle

01-25-2018 (Berkeley Place) Theft of a 2016 BMW X1 from a residential driveway.

01-25-2018 (Upper Mountain Avenue) Theft of a 2017 Ford Explorer from the driveway of a home.

01-25-2018 (Greenview Way) Burglary to a residence through an unlocked door. Cash was taken in this incident.

01-25-2018 (Pine Street) Theft of a Ford 500 Sedan from an apartment building parking area.

01-28-2018 (Wilfred Street) Theft of cash from an unlocked motor vehicle.

01-28-2018 (Munn Street) Theft of a backpack from a parked motor vehicle.


01-24-2018 – A 25-year-old Orange man was arrested in cooperation with South Orange Police Department. He was arrested based on a Montclair investigation into two thefts from vehicles and the attempted burglary of a residence.

01-25-2018 (Walnut Street) A 32-year-old Verona woman was arrested and charged with DWI

01-26-2018 (Elm Street) A 41-year-old East Orange man was arrested and charged with DWI.

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