Wonder Waffle Opens on Montclair’s Park Street With Regular, Brownie and Vegan Options


Things just got a whole lot better for waffle lovers with the grand opening of Wonder Waffle in Montclair’s Park Street Market.

The specialty waffle shop serves delicious custom-made waffles and ice cream and even offers vegan batter and soy milk ice cream.

Just pick out your batter preference: regular, brownie or vegan and choose any toppings to be cooked into the batter. Then pick the flavors of your two scoops of Nasto’s ice cream and finish it all off with more toppings to create your own delicious, fluffy and savory Wonder Waffle.

“They’re awesome and everybody loves waffles,” said manager Jessica Rosen. “We have vegan waffles and I know vegans who haven’t had a waffle since they became a vegan, so it’s exciting for them.” Rosen said they will soon be looking into offering gluten-free options as well.

If you’re not ready for dessert just yet, you can come for breakfast and get a bacon, egg, and cheese waffle or grab a chicken waffle for dinner and choose to either dine-in or take it on the go.

“It’s just something in Montclair that hasn’t been done,” Rosen said. “We have a lot of ice cream shops, different types of ice cream places, but nobody has waffles.”

The quaint waffle shop located in the back of the Park Street Market at 10 Park Street in Montclair has a fun, bright and vibrant vibe inspired by sprinkles, says Rosen.

Kyle takes a bite out of a Wonder Waffle.
While it’s only been open for six days, Montclair resident Kyle McTeer popped in the store to rave about the honey, butter waffle he had the other day.

Wonder Waffle owners Kim and Lee Cheung, who also own other local businesses, had the idea to use Hong Kong egg batter, which makes them sweeter and fluffier than regular waffles, Rosen said.

Other installments for Wonder Waffle are coming soon, including a hot dog cart which will be up and running in a few weeks to offer the “Wonder Dog,” a dish of two hots served on a waffle. They will also begin selling Weekly Wonder Waffles to showcase their own special waffle recipes.

Says Rosen, “I’ve been learning that everything is good on a waffle, everything!

The Park Street Market also houses Meat-A-Tarian, a late-night spot for gyros and burgers; Zen Blendz Juice Bar which offers vegan smoothies and salads; and Montclair Vegan, a late-night vegan fast food restaurant.

Wonderful Waffle is open seven days a week from noon to 10 p.m Sunday through Wednesday and from noon to midnight Thursday through Saturday. Meat-A-Tarian and Zen Blendz are open until 2 a.m. Thursdays through Saturdays to serve as a late-night spot for locals.

The waffles and ice cream are a flat rate of $10 which includes unlimited toppings while the basic waffles goes for $6.

“It’s one-stop shop, you can get dinner at Meat-a-Tarian, get gyros and burgers, and then stop over here for desert and have a smoothie (from Zen Blendz),” said Rosen.

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