MFEE Awarded “Outstanding Education Foundation Program”

Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) announces that its Life After High School Mini Conference: Surviving & Thriving in the 21st Century has received the award for “Outstanding Education Foundation Program” from the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership (NJEFP).

NJEFP is a statewide organization dedicated to enhancing public education in New Jersey by growing and strengthening local education foundations through education, training, collaboration and advocacy.

Over 200 teens and their parents/caregivers attended the MFEE Life After High School Mini Conference, which was held on January 6, 2018 at Montclair State University. The goal of the Conference was to give teens (and their caregivers) a few tools and lots of inspiration for living post-high school life with the confidence to try new things, take risks, and build support networks. That particular aspect was cited by NJEFP as a program worthy of statewide recognition.

NJEFP President Randy Davis says, “The NJEFP awards provide an opportunity for more people to understand the tremendous impact education foundations are making in New Jersey each and every day. NJEFP is especially proud to provide the award for “Outstanding Education Foundation Program” to MFEE for their noteworthy efforts to advance public education in the Montclair school district.”

Alissa Brown, a MHS 12th grader, left the MFEE Life After High School Mini Conference with a better understanding of her goals and how to achieve them. “I still want to go to to college, but after this conference, I learned that there are many paths to achieve success and I don’t have to go into huge debt right away. I learned that I need to follow what I love doing and keep meeting people who can open doors for me.”

Parents were also grateful. Rachel Walker, a parent of a 9th grader said, “The workshops provided skills, how-to information, feedback and resources to help students and parents. This program really spoke to the realities of a student who is unsure about their future plans. At the same time, it gave hope to parents who just want to do the best for their children.”

MHS senior attendee and Executive Director Masiel Rodriquez-Vars

MFEE’s Executive Director, Masiel Rodriquez-Vars, says “This event was a powerful example of how we as a community can creatively and collaboratively launch initiatives to impact youth and families. MFEE worked with students, parents, business leaders, and other nonprofit organizations to shape this event, and we were blown away by the lessons learned and the relationships made. We have so many talented people our community who can pass on invaluable life lessons that aren’t always taught in school.”

MFEE is proud that the Life After High School Mini Conference was so well received and is honored for the recognition from NJEFP.

Awards will be presented and the winners recognized on Friday, April 20, 2018 at the Inaugural NJEFP Education Foundation Awards luncheon at the Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, NJ. This luncheon will shine a light on education foundations, funders of these foundations, and key community partners.

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