Montclair Interim Superintendent Voices Concerns About National School Walkout; Position to Follow

The following email was sent to parents of children in Montclair Schools from Interim Superintendent Barbara Pinsak:

Dear Montclair Families/Caregivers and Staff,

We have received a number of emails asking for us to take part in a national school walkout on March 14. The Women’s March EMPOWER branch, which is dedicated to youth-led advocacy, has called for “students, teachers, school administrators, parents and allies” to take part in this demonstration. We are in the process of determining the district’s position in responding to this request. While I applaud and support student-led advocacy and feel tremendous distress about the lives lost in Parkland, I am concerned about two main issues for Montclair:

Since this walkout is date and time specific, how will we keep staff and students as safe as when they are in our buildings?

How are we supporting and respectfully acknowledging students and staff beliefs that are different from those of this group?

A subsequent email will follow outlining the district’s position and procedures for not only March 14 but also for any similar events that may be noted in the media.


Barbara Pinsak, Interim Superintendent
Montclair Public Schools