Montclair Farms – Fresh Produce And More – Opens On Bloomfield Avenue


Now it’s as easy to buy a shallot, some tomatoes, raspberries or even a half gallon of almond milk in downtown Montclair as it is to grab a latte.

Montclair Farms has only been open a few days, but already it’s a game changer.

Located on Bloomfield Ave., near Park Street, the charming store is brimming with bins and baskets of organic and local produce (including some beautiful Romanesco and watermelon radishes), as well as food stuffs like honey, maple syrup and pastas. There are also featured proteins — on a recent visit, there was salmon and chicken — with blackboard main dish ideas and suggested recipes to help you plan and purchase fixings for dinner for a one-stop shopping experience.

“People have given us such a great welcome,” says Denise Infusino, Montclair Farms director of operations. “They really appreciate being able to be able to walk from their home to purchase fresh produce.

She’s enjoyed meeting customers, from couples and families shopping, to local restaurants running into pick up produce (“Wonder Waffle stopped by when they ran out of strawberries!”). Infusino hopes to Montclair Farms can fill different needs for different customers. Her plan is to gauge response from customers and tailor the store to carry food products (with an emphasis on local or small batch producers) that people want most.

In addition to stocking the store with a variety of produce and essential dry goods, Infusino says she will add takeaway salads, sandwiches and soups, so people can pick up lunch or dinner while shopping.

Montclair Farms, located at 519 Bloomfield Ave., is open 7 days a week.

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