Baristanet Profile: Caitlin Rinaldi

Name: Caitlin Rinaldi

Where do you live? New Vernon, which is a very small, rural town about 10 minutes outside of Morristown. My husband and I lived in Montclair for five years before that. It’s a total change of pace, but we are adjusting!

When did you move there? We just moved in January of this year.

Where did you grow up? Also New Vernon, NJ (but 5 minutes away from where I am now). No, I did not move back in with my parents!

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion? Lucky for me, those two questions are one in the same! I own a women’s clothing boutique, STITCH. The first is in Madison, and the newest is in Upper Montclair where we just celebrated our one year anniversary! Owning a boutique was always my dream, and I’ve always loved fashion and styling. I love that every day is different and I get to meet new people constantly. Helping someone put a great look together that they feel confident in fills me with so much joy. It’s not work for me at all; it’s what I would be doing anyway for fun.

Coffee, tea or … ? I drink a little bit of everything! My tastes pretty much change seasonally, but I do always love a good cappuccino or a chai latte. Java Love is my usual go-to spot.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend day? A huge brunch followed by an afternoon of local shopping and then curling up in front of a fire with a glass of wine and a good book or movie/TV show.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? Oh geez, this is not going to be a short answer. My husband and I really love a good date night at De Novo. Demetri is so nice, and every meal we’ve had there has been absolutely incredible. They also have great cocktails. For a more casual night out I love Ani Ramen (those pork buns…drool). Little Daisy & Montclair Bread Company have the most delicious baked goods. I’m definitely no stranger to the Montclair restaurant scene, and it might be a problem. I would eat out for every meal if I could; I really hate to cook.

What’s on your nightstand? My kindle, an eye mask, a sound machine, usually a bottle of melatonin (sleep is a constant struggle), and my lavender pillow spray, which I am completely obsessed with. Oh and like 10 glasses of water.

What are you listening to? I’ve been giving Jack White’s latest album Boarding House Reach a listen, although it’s probably my least favorite of all of his work. Still a huge fan though!

What are your current indulgences? We just put in a new tub at our house, so I’ve been taking A LOT of long baths lately, usually accompanied by a glass (or two) of red. I can’t believe at 30 I’m just now discovering how awesome baths are!

What talent you would most like to have? I totally wish I could play an instrument or sing. I think that gene missed me, unfortunately. I also always wanted to learn how to surf, but I’m terrified of sharks (and most other sea creatures), so I don’t really go in the ocean unless the water is crystal clear and I can see everything around me.

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair? Is it extremely biased of me to say my store?! It’s in a beautifully restored bank building with the original vault still in use! I also think the whole neighborhood of Upper Montclair in general is so charming and definitely worth spending an afternoon exploring. We have a bunch of great restaurants and shops that are all within walking distance from each other. It’s a unique, vibrant community with a lot of character. It feels very special.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? She was always smiling and was kind to every person she met. She enjoyed the simple pleasures of life and always lived in the moment. She was a friend to all. And she had a killer wardrobe.

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