Spring Break Fun Break: Sky Zone Bounces Into Springfield

Kids love Sky Zone, and now the indoor trampoline park has an excellent new location right on Rte. 22 in Springfield. So if you’ve always thought, “Pine Brook is a little further than I’d like to go, plus I’d prefer to incorporate stops at Target and Guitar Center into a bounce-filled afternoon,” then this is the news you’ve been waiting for.

It’s not just the same old bounce in a new spot. My son came back from his first Springfield session raving about Skyjoust (a foam-safe approach to gladiator jousting), the Skyladders (wobbly rope ladders suspended over pits of foam blocks), and especially the Warped Walls, a set of vertical challenges that involve running up curved, high-friction walls of varying heights.

These activities are in addition to the core Sky Zone offerings of straight-up trampolines and bounce-assisted dodgeball and basketball courts. Put a couple of kids into the zone and they won’t even notice that they’re away from the video games and getting a super-athletic workout. And bouncing birthday parties? They’ve got ‘em, and kids love it.

There’s also more to come: my son reported that the Springfield location is planning to add a Ninja Warrior Course—sort of a foam/bounce variation on American Ninja training that will put kids’ strength and agility to the test.

Sky Zone is located at 25 Rte. 22 in Springfield. Open jump sessions are $22 for 60 min., $27 for 90 min. and $32 for 120 min.; other specialty sessions available. Visit www.skyzone.com/springfield-nj for more info, or call 973.671.5100.

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