Take Pride, Bloomfield! to Host Premiere of LGBT Play

Playwright Gregory G. Allen will have the NJ premiere of his one act play HIDING IN DAYLIGHT presented as part of the Take Pride, Bloomfield! festival happening in Bloomfield, NJ on Saturday, May 19th at 3pm. The reading is free and meant for mature audiences. The dystopian LGBT tale shares the story of two couples who come together to remember life before the gay purge and must decide if they can continue the risk of a weekly dinner together.

The event will be a semi-staged reading and members of Bloomfield’s professional theater company 4th Wall Theatre will perform and partake in a Q&A afterwards with the playwright. The piece features: Beth Baur (co-founder of New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts in Bloomfield), Ted Cancila, Bruce McCandless, and Gwen Ricks-Spencer (Executive Director of 4th Wall).

Allen has is an award-winning author who has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years as a writer, actor, filmmaker, and director…(local folks may remember him as the former managing director of the Westminster Arts Center at Bloomfield or for his children’s books on autism awareness).

“I’m always juggling several projects, but knew I needed to get this story out of me,” Allen says. “With The Handmaid’s Tale such a hit and 1984 recently on Broadway, I wanted to share a fictionalized projection of what could possibly happen in the future for the LGBT community if we’re not careful.”

Take Pride, Bloomfield! is a program that runs January through June, 2018 at the Bloomfield Library and was made possible by an Incubation Grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. The festival examines the LGBTQ community through literature, film, and other experiences while building upon the energy and initiative of the LGBTQ organization Bloomfield Pride.

The Bloomfield reading takes place at the The Little Theater at the Bloomfield Library, 90 Broadway Street Bloomfield NJ. 973-566-6200. http://www.bplnj.org/take-pride-bloomfield

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