Bloomfield and Glen Ridge Community Police Officers Go Door to Door To Meet Residents on Border Streets

The Bloomfield Police Department’s Community Policing Unit has teamed up with officers from the Glen Ridge Police Department to introduce themselves to residents who live on streets that border both towns. Last week, the officers knocked on doors on Midland Avenue and Carteret Street and other nearby streets to kick off what they are calling the ‘Patch-2-Patch’ outreach initiative.

“Bloomfield has a special relationship with our neighboring towns, and our Police Departments have always collaborated to help our communities, so I salute the Community Policing Unit and BPD leadership for organizing this great initiative,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “In addition to operating community policing stations in town, our officers are always willing to speak with residents on the street to promote healthy community and police relationships, that have proven to reduce crime across the board.”

“Our Community Policing Unit, led by Lt. Naomi Zepeda, does a great job of citizen outreach, by organizing community events like our upcoming ‘Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs’ event, and introducing new initiatives like ‘Patch-2-Patch.’ Community policing works in Bloomfield, and we want residents who live on bordering streets to feel like they, too, can call our department and their concerns will be heard,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “I would like to thank Lt. Zepeda for her great work, as well as Officer Aponte and Officer Calkin of the Community Policing Unit, and thank the Glen Ridge police officers and police leadership for making this collaborative initiative possible.”

During their outreach last week, the police officers described having fun and humorous encounters with residents, who were intrigued by the Community Policing Unit’s various outreach programs. The Bloomfield and Glen Ridge police departments plan to conduct ‘Patch-2-Patch’ outreach on a frequent basis throughout the spring and summer, until they knock on every door on all streets bordering Glen Ridge and Bloomfield.

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