CSJ Teams Up With Serendipity to Put On a Show Centered Around Environmentalism

The Center for Social Justice will put on a show centered around environmentalism on Thursday, May 10, at Montclair High School in the amphitheater. The show will run from 7-9 p.m. The purpose of this show is to raise awareness for environmentalism.

For the 4th marking period CSJ has decided to focus on youth activism. As a result of school shootings and student led activism, youth activism is more important than ever.

CSJ stands for Center of Social Justice. There are 8 lab classes where each class focuses social justice issues. Each marking period the issue changes and the class moves to a different teacher. At the end of the marking period there is a presentation called the Public Display of Learning or PDL. History and English classes are included in the CSJ small learning community and are like normal English and history classes but taught through a social justice lens. So come see what CSJ is all about and enjoy the show!

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