Investigation Of Alleged Sexual Assault at Montclair High School


Montclair High School sent this message to parents today:

Greetings MHS Parents/Guardians:

The purpose of this email is to share that there is an ongoing investigation regarding an alleged sexual assault in the All Gender Restroom at Montclair High School. The safety of our students is of primary concern. While the matter is being fully investigated, we have increased security in the building.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and student confidentiality, the District is unable to share additional information with the community at this time. However, the District remains committed to ensuring that the Montclair Public School system remains a safe and welcoming place for all students.

Thank you,

James Earle

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  1. Blaming the school system for something that happened at a school bathroom is backward.

    Blaming the actions on presumed “Libtards” running town and schools says more about you and your personal political beliefs than it says about the incident. I will wait for the facts to come out.

  2. This should never happen. If a male was seen going into a female bathroom, they would suffer the appropriate repercussion’s and vise versa. Liberals opened up for this dialog that should not exist. If someone walks into that all gender??(what does that mean) bathroom, no one can tell them that they’re wrong. This is a serious problem. They can simply fall back on the idea that it implies any male or female can be in there at the same time. Do people not see an issue with this? Ray Charles could see an issue with this.

  3. And how do these derps know that this wasn’t a same-sex assault, meaning that it could have taken place in a gender-designated bathroom? Can’t wait to say I told you so. Meanwhile, a child has been injured.

  4. The latest report I read said that no minors were involved. All that means is that the perp was 18 or older, as was the victim. This can happen anywhere, not just al all-gender bathroom. I hope the perp is prosecuted fully.

  5. Typical liberal loon response. Here is some truth for you. (I know it hurts) Obamacare FAIL retreating from the world FAIL high taxes over regulation FAIL IRAN deal FAIL Trade deals FAIL Please name a success ??????

  6. concernedmtc, please invite me to that 2020 victory celebration. I’m in! Winning!!! Every day feels like Christmas!

  7. Ha ha! Well, we’ll see, although I wouldn’t hold out hope for least popular president in history. Sorry, I meant to write ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More exclamation points mean what I said is more true.

  8. Mike91 I’ll say it again you are a typical liberal non critical thinker. I write fact regarding policy successes. You respond with nothing but exclamation points. You know nothing. Stay locked in your liberal loon bubble. You’ll never understand why Trump won and sadly will never understand. When Trump wins in a landslide I hope your heads explodes(no biggie nothing inside) #winning #youareamoron

  9. Swift said, to paraphrase, that you can’t reason someone out of an argument they themselves did not reason themselves into. I’ve avoided engaging with your dumb “policy” comments, as they aren’t based on anything except a late night reading of Fox News chyrons. But let’s try anyway, shall we?

    Obamacare FAIL
    By the very simple standard that the Obama administration set for itself (more people covered) Obamacare was not a failure, unlike the Republicans efforts to repeal it. Virginia just voted to expand Medicare, one of the more successful parts of the law. Is it perfect? Nope, but Republicans actions to undermine it, like getting rid of the individual mandate haven’t helped. The most important thing however, is that as shown by the debate to repeal it, Republicans have lost the battle on healthcare. I hope your ‘head doesn’t explode’ when the next administration passes Medicare for All.

    retreating from the world FAIL
    Sorry, this makes no sense. I think you probably hear that a lot.

    high taxes over regulation FAIL
    This is like saying “ice cream over math!” Not sure what one has to do with the other. Certainly in regards to the EPA, I would not call Trumps’ deregulation scheme all that successful. I do like all the props he uses, like the stack of papers with red ribbon around it. Much better than actually thinking through the issues.

    IRAN deal FAIL
    Iran’s nuclear development was stopped, according to the inspectors at the IAEA. Now, what’s stopping them from starting up again? What people complain about (like Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism) was never in the scope of the deal. Now we don’t even have a deal to stop their nuclear development. The chances of war with Iran just went up, what? A hundred percent?

    Trade deals FAIL
    How are the NAFTA negotiations going? For that matter, how is the wall building (that Mexico is paying for) going? Trump just implemented tariffs on metals from some of our closest allies. I hope you like paying 25% more for your cars or anything else made of metal. Hooray?

    Sorry if this post doesn’t contain enough exclamation points after every unsupported assertion. Picture my post as written in crayon if it helps you understand it better.

  10. Every one of your (copy and pasted arguments) is 100% wrong. I’m glad you actually believe this bullshit! Republicans will continue winning elections. One question how many elections have the Democrats lost since Obama was elected? The House, The Senate and the Presidency. Many State seats as well as Governorships. #youareanidiot A deal with NOKO, a trade deal with China, Nafta renegotiated and yes a wall will be built (you must love drugs pouring into the US) The truth must hurt. What is really gross is that you are rooting against Trump and our country. Which makes you a complete SCUMBAG

  11. First, I like how you assert that my arguments (which are not “copy and pasted”) are “100% wrong” without presenting a shred of evidence. So much for “fact(s) about policy successes.” Maybe add some exclamation points? I know you’re not working with much.

    Second, what I would consider much more relevant are the elections conducted since Trump was elected. Don’t bother looking it up, you won’t like it. There is a Democratic senator from ALABAMA now, just as a hint.

    Third, don’t question my patriotism. It is blatantly obvious that “rooting against Trump,” is in fact the same thing as rooting for all that is good about this country. It should also be obvious by now that he has obstructed justice, in addition to leading the most corrupt administration in modern history at only two years in.

  12. Did you use the word corrupt??? Benghazi Fast and Furious FISA Abuse SPYING on another parties candidate. The Clintons HAAAAAAAAAAAAA Uranium One ever hear of it? (probably not because your head is clearly up your ass) The Clinton foundation was the biggest pay for play scheme in political history. Here’s one for you LOSING! keep thinking this way more WINNING for us!!!

  13. Benghazi Fast and Furious FISA Abuse SPYING on another parties candidate.

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Derp.

    Benghazi was investigated 9 times. “FISA Abuse, Abuse SPYING on another parties candidate” have all been debunked numerous times, most recently by Senators Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio. We’ll keep thinking this way. You keep not thinking.

  14. I know it hurts. GDP is getting ready to explode to the upside. Weekly jobless claims lowest 4 week average in more than 30 years 222K! Keep bringing a knife to a gun fight. You didn’t answer my question(typical of a libtard) How many elections have the Democrats won since Obama was elected?

  15. I did answer: It is more predictive to look at elections since Trump was elected. Who cares what happened 10 years ago, except people scared of what’s going to happen in November.

    The economy has been improving for years now. Good for Donald on not doing anything to endanger the progress made by the Obama administration. Obama added more jobs in his last two years than Trump did in his first two. We’ll see what happens after he starts the trade war.

  16. Glad you think Roy Moore losing in Alabama represents America(typical of a libtard living in a bubble) 2016 wasn’t 10 years ago. TRUMP WON! The Republicans are going to maintain the House gain in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison and Chuck Schumer represent your party nationally. HAAAAAA Good luck with that! And here are some facts I know you libtards don’t like facts. Obama doubled our national debt. FACT Obama was the first President in American History who didn’t get one year of 3% growth. FACT! I know I know. THE TRUTH HURTS!!!

  17. Glad you think Roy Moore losing in Alabama represents America(typical of a libtard living in a bubble) 2016 wasn’t 10 years ago.

    Ok, but what explains the Democrats good showings (even if they lost) in other races? They’ve gained 37 seats nationwide (including here in NJ!).

    maintain the House gain in the Senate
    You’re aware this makes no sense, since the House and Senate are different legislative bodies?

    And here are some facts I know you libtards don’t like facts.
    Not as much as you, apparently, since I’m still waiting on the facts that prove my earlier post was “100% wrong.” You appear to also not like standard sentence structure.

  18. Ok You have no arguments what so ever. Like your party you have no platform or idea’s (other than bad idea’s that fail completely) Please keep up with this though process(or should I say thoughtless) The American people have finally wised up to an inane drone like yourself.

  19. Wait, do we have no “idea’s,” or ideas that fail completely? Your posts are so intelligent, they are confusing!

    Also, all of America has wised up to me? I’m famous! You can say you knew me when.

    But thanks for not providing any evidence whatsoever that my earlier post was “100% wrong.” Some of us have work to do!

  20. Wait why are we back on cutting and pasting? How does that affect whether something is true or not?

    You and your party will continue to LOSE! (and anyone around you because you sound like an asshole)

    Except that we’ve won 37 seats since his election.

  21. All that matters is what happens in November. Recent results are better predictors. We’ll see what happens!

    Not sure what your last sentence means. Maybe a Jitterbug commercial on Fox distracted you for a minute.

  22. We will see. One thing I do know is that TRUMP will still be President! America and even liberal idiots will benefit.

  23. One thing I do know is that TRUMP will still be President!

    Well, maybe not. He is under investigation, you might have heard.

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