Investigation Of Alleged Sexual Assault at Montclair High School


Montclair High School sent this message to parents today:

Greetings MHS Parents/Guardians:

The purpose of this email is to share that there is an ongoing investigation regarding an alleged sexual assault in the All Gender Restroom at Montclair High School. The safety of our students is of primary concern. While the matter is being fully investigated, we have increased security in the building.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and student confidentiality, the District is unable to share additional information with the community at this time. However, the District remains committed to ensuring that the Montclair Public School system remains a safe and welcoming place for all students.

Thank you,

James Earle

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  1. Blaming the school system for something that happened at a school bathroom is backward.

    Blaming the actions on presumed “Libtards” running town and schools says more about you and your personal political beliefs than it says about the incident. I will wait for the facts to come out.

  2. This should never happen. If a male was seen going into a female bathroom, they would suffer the appropriate repercussion’s and vise versa. Liberals opened up for this dialog that should not exist. If someone walks into that all gender??(what does that mean) bathroom, no one can tell them that they’re wrong. This is a serious problem. They can simply fall back on the idea that it implies any male or female can be in there at the same time. Do people not see an issue with this? Ray Charles could see an issue with this.

  3. And how do these derps know that this wasn’t a same-sex assault, meaning that it could have taken place in a gender-designated bathroom? Can’t wait to say I told you so. Meanwhile, a child has been injured.

  4. The latest report I read said that no minors were involved. All that means is that the perp was 18 or older, as was the victim. This can happen anywhere, not just al all-gender bathroom. I hope the perp is prosecuted fully.

  5. Typical liberal loon response. Here is some truth for you. (I know it hurts) Obamacare FAIL retreating from the world FAIL high taxes over regulation FAIL IRAN deal FAIL Trade deals FAIL Please name a success ??????? LIBTARD

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