Montclair Republican Club Representative Calls Out Montclair High School For Mikie Sherrill For Congress Signs


Michael D. Byrne of Montclair Republican Club is writing to Montclair Schools Superintendent Kendra Johnson again regarding Democratic candidate for Congress Mikie Sherrill. This time, it’s about lawn signs. Full text of letter below:

Dear Superintendent Johnson,

As you may know, Montclair High School is currently displaying lawn signs promoting the candidacy of Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Eleventh Congressional District.

(For reference, please see attached photos of said signs adjacent to news trucks covering the recent sexual assault in the High School’s so-called “all-gender restroom.”)

Many would argue that it’s inappropriate for school grounds to be used for promoting the candidacy of an individual for Congress.

Others would say it’s particularly peculiar to display these signs on Montclair High School property given that the High School is actually located in the Tenth Congressional District.

I would concur with both groups.

However, if the signs are to remain, I trust you will at least agree that Montclair High School should take care to offer *all* candidates for Congress in *both* congressional districts the same opportunity to display their signs. To that end, I have attached the list of candidates certified by the State as having qualified for the ballot in both the Tenth and Eleventh Congressional Districts.

Please let me know of your decision — (or of the High School’s decision) — to either remove Ms. Sherrill’s signs or give all candidates the same access as she availed herself of or has been granted, as the case may be.


Michael D. Byrne
Montclair Republican Club
MHS, Class of 1998

CC: Members of the Board of Education
Members of the Township Council
Local Press

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  1. Don’t assume the school knew the sign was there or condoned it. I doubt they did either of those. Perhaps Mr. Byrne it would be be better to simply call the Prinicipal and let him know about the sign. I’m sure it would be removed promptly. Maybe students put it there who took it off a neighbors lawn. They might have been acting out a bit as a result of their opportunity to talk with the candidate was taken away from them.

  2. So why all the public fuss? It is entirely possible to ask about the policy for political signs on the high school campus without making a melodramatic announcement.

    And what’s stopping you from putting up a sign for a Republican candidate of your choosing, Mr. Byrne? Pretty much nothing, I think.

    The Montclair Republicans seem pretty invested in keeping Montclair High School students from being involved in politics. I get it. If I held such backwards ideas, I’d be afraid of future voters too.

  3. Hey angry, your contempt and intolerance are showing bright blue. Thanks for yet another deploralicious comment.

  4. I have noticed, Albert G. Biden, when people have no point to make in an argument, they decide attack how the argument was made instead.

    And yes–I am quite intolerant of adults publically whining about how unfair the world is to them when they could solve the issue in a less self-aggrandizing, self-important way.

    And I would be much more likely to support the local Republican party if they stepped up and tried to actually communicate with our high school students and convince them of their beliefs instead of putting efforts into shutting down their political activity.

  5. While the Republicans are worrying about being slighted they are missing an unbelievable opportunity. The picture of a news truck covering a sexual assault in a all-gender bathroom with Sherrill signs is political gold. Morris county will love it.

  6. So much “political gold” that I would not at all be surprised that Mr. Byrne or one of his friends likely put that sign there. I drive past MHS numerous times a day and don’t recall ever seeing that sign there ever before.

  7. This is just plain silly: anyone could have planted that sign there at any time. What’s a principal to do, sit out on the lawn waiting for someone to pop along and plant a campaign placard? Typical conservative/GOP thinking: make a problem where there is no problem and ignore whatever problems actually exist. Sorry, but I cannot think of any other word to use except “dumb.” I’d be not the slightest bit surprised if this turned out to be a “false flag” operation, and the sign was put there by Webber supporters.

  8. What’s an all gender bathroom? Last I checked babies were born one of two genders, male or female. Superintendent Johnson, please clarify that as well.

  9. Of course, Flipside: you’re right. It’s paranoid to even imagine that the GOP and its stalwarts would ever indulge in such underhanded tactics! Spasiba, comrade, for pointing out my error! 🙂

  10. In fairness to the representative from the Lilliputian –whoops, I mean Republican! — club, one sign at a high school may tilt the election! So many times I decided to vote in my own interest, only to be persuaded to vote the other way after seeing a bumper sticker.

  11. I believe Mr. Byrne could benefit from focussing on solutions to the issues of our country rather than wasting the time of complaining about some signs. Like others have said, did school admin or district personnel place the signs? Did the candidate place them? Feel free to place signs for other candidates if you feel equal exposure should be given.

    Do you similarly write letters to townships which display political signs on township land if there are more for one candidate than another?

    And why the need to point out that media was in the photo due to an incident that occurred at the high school? How was that relevant?

  12. Yea Bill …the Russians are coming!..please!…doesn’t Montclair boast about being a communist town? What’s the worry?? As you analyze underhanded tactics can you explain what happened to Bernie? You have to look at both sides…the Dems are less than admirable too. Plus, you look like an old hippy…since when do you trust the “Man”. Shrink the government…power to the people! Now, if you put on your Flower Power t-shirt and walk down Bloomfield Ave smoking a fatty you will gain some credibility with me. Blindly marching to the drumbeat of a political party?….not where it’s at.

  13. Unbelievable that this insensitive boob chooses now to bring this nonsense up. The school is in the middle of investigating a report of sexual assault! How gauche…

  14. Rules on appropriate political communication at government and public buildings are not just there to protect you and yours. They’re made to ensure fairness for all, no matter how much you dislike the other sides views.

    There is simply a no partisan campaign rule in and around public buildings. End of story. That should be followed by all. So if a teacher or administrator saw this sign on school property, they should have known to remove it and bring it into the office. Returned it to the campaign. If no one saw it (which is hard to believe), so be it. But those defending placement here, or saying Mr. Bryne is wrong to ask that it be removed or equal space provided, would no doubt be the first ones whining if the Republican signs were up at another location.

    Learn to play fair people. It will come around to bite you if you can’t.

  15. Flipside, “plus you look like an old hippy”? Ah, the incisive intellect and sharp wit of the ‘Republitard’ species.
    Two questions, Flipside: since you obviously have not yet celebrated your 12th birthday, I have to ask – do your parents know you’re on the internet?
    Second question: what could possibly make you assume that I wanted the likes of yourself to think I’m credible? You’re a Donald Trump supporter, for the love of God!

  16. Bill…Sorry, I thought you would get a kick out of being called an old hippy. I am way older than 12, in fact, I used to let my freak flag fly high. Those were the days my friend. You made some inaccurate assumptions about me and responded in a not so pleasant way “and that ain’t too cool.” I had no intention to upset you and for that I apologize. Peace.

  17. Flip, you didn’t upset me. At all. From the tenor of your reply, I just reasonably assumed you were a juvenile. No offense given, and none taken!
    In future you might want to consider utilizing an emoticon, e.g., 🙂 to indicate the humorous character of your missives. Just a thought.
    All power to the people (by any means necessary!)

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