Petition Started By Parents Opposes Armed Guards at Bloomfield Elementary Schools

A petition is circulating opposing budget approval to hire armed guards at Bloomfield Elementary Schools. The petition includes the following statement:

We, the parents and/or guardians of Bloomfield elementary school students, respectfully wish to express our opposition to the plan to have armed Class III guards at our elementary schools. Parents were not consulted on this decision, and we deserve to be part of the conversation and resulting actions.

While we are all concerned about the safety of our students, introducing firearms into the school environment does not engender the feeling of comfort and security that Bloomfield needs in our elementary schools and in our township.

We insist that the focus and funding of our tax dollars be spent on previously presented procedures still not yet implemented to properly secure, survey and monitor our elementary campuses, and continuing to improve lockdowns and emergency response drills.

We refuse to accept the vote to implement armed guards at our elementary schools.

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