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campus kids sleepaway camp
Camp stretches us in more ways than one, helping us become better people.

We are very fortunate that …
Camp Is A Diverse Community

MOST PEOPLE AGREE  that “diversity” is a good thing and a worthy goal. But what does that mean? Are we talking about being tolerant? Learning to co-exist? Or more than that?

IN A CAMP COMMUNITY it is much more than that.  Camp is beautiful because it mixes people who probably would not know each other outside of camp.  Campers experience diversity naturally.  It is not a special activity or a theme day or a project.  It simply is.

CAMP IS A CLEAN SLATE, allowing us to drop old habits.  We are on equal footing, each person excited and nervous, each wanting to be accepted and make friends, each open to learning about all of these new people.

CAMPERS MAKE FRIENDS QUICKLY. Then they learn about their new friends’ variety of backgrounds, identities and experiences.  The camp culture encourages them to relate to each other based on their common humanity and how they act toward one another, rather than their demographic categories

LIVING AS A DIVERSE COMMUNITY doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, that we don’t have conflicts. But it does mean that we can resolve our conflicts as respectful individuals who intend to move forward as friends.

THE RESIDENT CAMP EXPERIENCE gives us many advantages for creating a respectful, kind community. It provides respite from the harshness of the “outside world” while also equipping us to make that world a little bit better. Camp changes us for a lifetime.

SEE CAMPUS KIDS SLEEPAWAY CAMP THIS SPRING.  We are offering private tours by appointment on:





  • Saturday, May 12
  • Sunday, May 13 (Mother’s Day)
  • Saturday, May 19
  • Sunday, May 20
  • Saturday, May 26
  • Saturday, June 2
  • Sunday, June 3

Our camp is on the beautiful rural campus of Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey, one hour west of the GWB and a few miles from the Delaware Water Gap.


campus kids sleepaway camp

Join us for our 28th camp season!
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Space in each age group is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.




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