More Seats For Montclair High School Graduation With Bleachers on Park Street!

In some good news for parents of the Montclair High School Class of 2018, Montclair High School Principal James Earle announced at Wednesday’s BOE meeting that some 600 extra seats will be added to the Montclair High School graduation ceremony for families by way of bleachers placed on Park Street.

The news of extra seating comes after some parents proposed a move from the amphitheater to Woodman Field due to reports of a lack of seating for many families at last year’s graduation with families watching the ceremony from behind a fence.

The idea of moving the ceremony was opposed by an equally vocal group of parents and students who wanted to maintain the tradition of the amphitheater and crossing the bridge.

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  1. Anyone who voted for moving the grad ceremony to Woodman field should be barred from ever contributing an opinion or weighing in on anything ever again. It shows an ignorance of logistics, a lack of appreciation for architecture and its effect on the human psyche and complete disregard for the more profound bits, such as the ancient ritual of crossing the bridge. They’re probably the same people who think we should knock down some of these old 3 story craftsmen homes and throw up some stucco storage facilities in their place.

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