Baristanet Profile: KaraLynne Wolfe


Name: KaraLynne Wolfe

Where do you live? Montclair, NJ

When did you move there? 1994, and then again in 2017

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Montclair. I went to St. Cassian, Lacordaire and Montclair State University.

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion?  I own Chelsea Square in Montclair. My everyday passion is to create a space where people can come in to live their best lives. We shop for our clients, we keep in mind their day-to-day lives. We try to bring things in that will enhance how they live and how they feel about themselves in hopes that they will spread that positivity to those around them.

Coffee, tea or … ? Coffee….ALWAYS coffee.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend day? Waking up and spending some snuggle time with my little one. Breakfast and the beach. It’s our happy place.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? That’s a tough one.  Depends on the day and my mood.  For mom brunches and catching up, I love Charbroil. For yummy gluten-free, I love Plum on Park.  For lunch, Sandwich Theory. And for date night, Bistro 118. (I’m obsessed with the tuna.)

What’s on your nightstand? My charger and Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Lotion.

What are you listening to? “Rise Up” by Andra Day

What are your current indulgences? Sweet Home Montclair’s Sea Salt Caramel popcorn.

What talent you would most like to have? The ability to predict the future, or at least tomorrow’s lotto numbers.

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair? It’s home. No matter whether you grew up here or came here from somewhere else, you will never find another place with a community as loyal, as supportive, and as eclectic as here.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? That I was genuine, that I lived life fully and without fear, and that I was a riot.

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