Big Data: Information in the Digital World – Giveaway!

Parents and educators struggle with how to find balance in the amount of technology and the vast access to information children and students have today. One method of finding peace-of-mind in the endless river of new tech and information is to understand the history and development of digital technology in our every day lives. The brand new BIG DATA: Information in the Digital World will help kids and the adults in their lives recognize the impact, both positive and questionable, that constant access to and collection of data has on us all.

Readers will explore the history of data, the change-over from paper to computers, and how companies like Google and the concept of “the cloud” have changed the handling of data. In addition, as with all books in the Build It Yourself series from Nomad Press, BIG DATA opens with an illustrated timeline and an introduction that lays out a basic definition of the subject. Aimed at young people ages 10-15, the language balances being understandable and relatable with challenging readers with new information. While many sections are simple enough for a novice to consume, those with more than basic knowledge will find author Carla Mooney does not oversimplify for or condescend to the reader. The free resources, including printables, are also helpful to supplement and clarify the material.

Highlights are the chapters that discuss how data is stored (including different types of storage), understanding types of data (including data analytics), and what to expect about big data in the future (including references to tools like NEST). Each chapter has several activities and projects that emphasize the subject. Readers can create a poll to understand how to answers can show trends – and be misleading. Another activity leads readers through creating binary numbers and how crucial they are for digital storage, and still another addresses privacy versus convenience. There is even a focus on the positive and negative effects of the “Internet of Things.” In all, there are 25 hands-on projects for interested students (and adults) to create and learn from.

Thanks to the generosity of Nomad Press, Baristanet has a copy of BIG DATA available to give away to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment about why you want a copy by August 24that 3 PM.One comment allowed per person. Residents of the USA only, please.





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  1. This looks really interesting. I think it would be great to read with my kids and to do the activities together.

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