Daytrip: Gulliver’s Gate, NYC

Looking to travel the world without getting on a plane? Gulliver’s Gate, located in Times Square, is the only miniature world in the country.

The $40-million-dollar interactive attraction opened last spring and features more than 300 built-to-scale models of scenes from around the world, in 49,000 square feet of space, allowing kids to literally travel the world without leaving Manhattan.

Check out Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Europe in amazingly Lilliputian detail.

To make the exhibit interactive, guests are given an RFID key which brings each exhibit to life – watch The Beatles perform outside of Buckingham Palace, see Nessie rise up out of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, and become in awe as planes take off in the Gulliver’s Gate airport.

At the end of the tour, have a miniature 3D version of yourself printed out and placed in the displays, to live on as a “model citizen” for eternity. To get a better understanding of how the city models look, check out this this video:

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