Godlewski’s “Return From The Grand Tour” Opens Friday in Montclair’s Hinck Building

Historian, artist and architect Frank Gerard Godleswki, who has been a featured artist at Armory Arts Week, brings RETURN FROM THE GRAND TOUR to Art Wall Montclair, a monthly art exhibition, in the lobby of the Hinck Building (486 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair).

An opening reception will be held Friday, August 10, from 7-9 p.m.

RETURN FROM THE GRAND TOUR is a focus on art generated by the cities where Godlewski has lived with “the notion that, when the current structures expire and evolve, the art we create becomes an atmospheric document that preserves our life within the long-gone spaces.”

Godlewski returns to Montclair with a video, a series of post cards and map pieces that preserve his life in cities of his Grand Tour.

The exhibit also features Chiaro-Scuro portraits of Montclair’s masterpiece houses.

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  1. Thank you silverleaf and daveastor. Art Wall – Montclair is a great “Made in Montclair” art community iniziative for Montclair Center. I’m grateful to Grabowsky Development and LUCIENNE Management for allowing us to exhibit our artwork. It also a great public space and great that so many people came to the opening!

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