Montclair Crime: Burglary, Theft, IRS Telephone Scam, Shoplifting Arrest


The week in Montclair Crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department


10-25-2018 (Soccer Zone, Church Street) A 36-year-old Montclair man was arrested for shoplifting $870 in clothing items from the store.

10-27-2018 (Bloomfield Avenue) A 28-year-old Montclair man was arrested on open warrants out of Montclair and Newark.

10-28-2018 (Essex Avenue) A 30-year-old West New York man was arrested on an open warrant out of Hudson County Sheriffs.


10-24-2018 (Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of an unsecured bicycle from the rear yard of a residence.

10-24-2018 (Dress NV, Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of approximately 30 lightbulbs from the decorative display on the front exterior of the store.

10-25-2018 (Greenwood Avenue) Theft of a delivered package from the front of an apartment building. This package contained jewelry.

10-25-2018 (Northview Avenue) Theft of a tote containing clothing items from an unlocked motor vehicle.

10-25-2018 (Pine Street) theft of two delivered packages containing clothing items from the front porch of a residence.

10-26-2018 (Montclair Library, South Fullerton Avenue) Theft of an unsecured bicycle from the front of the library.

10-29-2018 (Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of a 2013 white Ford E250 work van, which had been left parked in the street.


10-24-2018 (Mission Street) A resident was the victim of an IRS telephone scam. The victim provided the suspect with the redemption information from two pre-paid debit cards totaling $1,000.

10-25-2018 (Quest, Claremont Avenue) Vandalism to a commercial establishment. A plastic window in a rear door was damaged, but entry was not gained to the structure.

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  1. How to people still fall for the irs scams and buy these pre paid cards for them to redeem???? It’s insane.
    And what is that person going to do with thirty light bulbs!!! Lol

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