Montclair Principal Changes At Montclair High School, Glenfield and Edgemont

Montclair Schools have had some recent principal changes — with several principals changing schools back in July. Today, Montclair Schools Superintendent Kendra Johnson announced more principal changes to three Montclair schools, including Montclair High School, who has had an interim principal at its helm during what quickly became a challenging year for all MHS staff due to a stairway collapse in September.

  • Anthony Grosso, who was interim principal at Glenfield, will become principal of Montclair High School, taking over for Interim Principal Terry Trigg-Scales.
  • Cheryl Hopper, principal at Edgemont, will become acting principal of Glenfield Middle School.
  • Jeffrey Freeman, acting assistant principal At Montclair High School and the lead teacher in MHS’s Center for Social small learning community, will become acting principal at Edgemont Elementary School.
  • Ms. SallyAnn Howell-Rembert will serve as Acting Assistant Principal at MHS replacing Freeman.

The full email announcement from Superintendent Johnson also addresses issues regarding the closure of Montclair High School’s main building for asbestos abatement:


Please be advised the following activities were approved at our Monday, October 15, 2018 Board Meeting:

1. A revised school calendar was approved. On November 6, 2018, school will be closed for students. However, we will open for professional development. The rationale for the revised school calendar was to address that we do not have the space at the high school to hold classes and to address polling responsibilities. Additionally, June 26, 2019 is the new last day of school for students and staff (abbreviated day). Graduation must be on the last day of school for students; therefore, the Montclair High School Graduation is now on June 26, 2019. For the full calendar, please visit our website.

2. Several administrative changes were approved. Yesterday, faculty meetings were held at each building. My hope was to send an email last night; however, I did not get home from the MHS Fall Event until 9:30 PM. I simply ran out of steam. Please forgive this late communication.

Montclair High School (effective 11/1/2018)
Principal Appointment – Mr. Anthony Grosso will assume the role of Montclair High School Principal. Ms. Terry Trigg-Scales and I will usher him into the community. Equally as important, a Meet and Greet will be scheduled shortly.
Assistant Principal Appointment – Ms. SallyAnn Howell-Rembert will serve as Acting Assistant Principal, replacing Mr. Jeffrey Freeman who is moving to Edgemont (see Item c.). Mr. Freeman and Mr. Anthony Grosso will usher her into the new role. Ms. SallyAnn Howell-Rembert will participate in the Meet and Greet slated to be scheduled shortly.
Please Note:
On October 23, 2018, there will be a School Action Team for Partnership (SATp) meeting at 7:00 PM in the LGI. Principal Grosso will be present, and he is eager to support the great work being led by the MHS SATp.
A special thank you is extended to all staff who attended and supported the MHS Fall Event.
Glenfield Middle School (effective 11/1/2018)
Principal Appointment – Ms. Cheryl Hopper will serve as Acting Principal. Mr. Anthony Grosso will usher her into the community. A Meet and Greet will be scheduled shortly.
Edgemont School (effective 11/1/2018)
Principal Appointment – Mr. Jeffrey Freeman will serve as Acting Principal. Ms. Cheryl Hopper will usher him into the new role and community. A Meet and Greet will be scheduled shortly.
There are no additional school-based administrative changes under review than those that have been previously communicated.
3. An updated, modified facilities use plan was discussed. Please note, we will not close the school. To provide sufficient time to engage in a safe asbestos removal prior to the repair of the stair towers (four in total), we recommend an A shift/B shift (four hours of instruction in each shift; all grade 9 – 11 students will attend during one of the shifts). Most seniors will be participating in the Career Internship Program (senior option) held at various off-site locations. This additional time will allow us to begin the asbestos abatement in an unoccupied building three weeks prior to the close of school. The asbestos abatement takes between four to five weeks. If there is an issue, we can use this additional time and still complete the stair towers repair prior to opening the Main Building in September.

Starting May 20, 2019, we will run an AM shift and a PM shift. The rationale for selecting this date relates to the fact that AP testing will be complete. Also, on May 20th, the Career Internship Program (senior option) will begin.
We are still working on securing additional space for guidance support with two outside agencies. Once we secure the vendors for the asbestos and repair work (we now have to go out for bid), we will communicate the detailed repair plan.
The temporary classrooms are still slated to be delivered on October 24, 2018. We are working now to ascertain when the units can be delivered while the entire parking lot is empty, and then, when we can have full access to the street. We are working closely with all stakeholders on the logistics.
If you have any recommendations regarding our revised modified facilities plan, please complete the survey below:
Thank you in advance for your support. Should you have an interest in reviewing my previous district communications, please review my collaborations and communications page on our district website (see link):

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy your day!

With excellence, equity, social justice and access,

Dr. Kendra Johnson, Superintendent

Montclair Public Schools

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  1. Were all these changes really needed right in the middle of the school year. Considering there was such a shake up already at the start of school? Why so much shifting around??? Also now parents have to find child care for the 6th as well as the last day changing! The high school is a mess and now they have to wait until next year to fix the stairs. What’s happening to this school system? Why can’t this superintendent get her act together and have solutions not obstacles all the time?

  2. Montclair school district is the seven circles of hell (technically 10 – 6, 3, 1). It’s only going to get worse as the town builds more multi family housing units. The school system will bust at the seams. Does anyone believe that the BOE are preparing for student population growth that will follow the real estate boom? The stairwells are a physical representation of the BOE breaking down. We need to get out of the 1950’s and install an elected BOE so that (at least) there is some degree of accountability. Does anyone know when will be the next opportunity to vote for an elected BOE?

  3. The superintendent has been doing an excellent job with a situation that predates her. The stair collapse was a disaster, but the disruption has been minimized to a great extent. The delays in repairs are necessary for student safety, and I appreciate that this is being prioritized.

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