Move Over Montclair Mikie: Make Room For Morristown Mikie, Boonton Mikie, Randolph Mikie…

What is it with politicians always dissing Montclair?

Remember when Gov. Chris Christie said “I love getting calls from communists in Montclair” on WFAN?

Republican Jay Webber, who is running against Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, has taken to calling Sherrill “Montclair Mikie,” as if being from Montclair is a negative (forgetting that part of Montclair is in the 11th District — where Webber is running). Webber got supporter House Speaker Paul Ryan to follow suit, calling Sherill “Montclair Mikie” too.

Barbara Gross Franklin in West Orange, a Sherill supporter and member of the NJ 11th For Change Facebook group, came up with her own answer to “Montclair Mikie,” which is being shared on social media.

“I have created one of these for each of Mikie’s 54 towns in NJ 11,” Franklin writes.

A sampling of some of the 54 town signs Franklin created.
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