Bloomfield Police Department Gets Fully Equipped with Body Cameras

The Bloomfield Police Department has used part of its capital budget to purchase enough body cameras for every Police Officer in uniform. Over 100 Data911 BX2 body cameras were purchased for the department so officers will no longer have to share them. Additionally, the department’s internal servers have been updated to allow videos from each camera to be stored for at least 90 days.

“For several years, the Bloomfield Police Department has been ahead of the curve encouraging officers to wear body cameras on duty and now all officers will wear these cameras for the durations of their entire shifts, showing their commitment to transparency while serving the community,” said Mayor Michael Venezia.

The body cameras are assigned specifically to each officer. Previously, the department only had about 20 body cameras, so not all officers were able to wear cameras during their shifts. It takes significant time and manpower to upload the footage from 8 and 10 hour shifts into a secure police database, which videos are stored for 90 days, unless a request comes in to have them archived for even longer. Now when an officer’s shift ends, his or her body camera is charged, with the footage uploaded and the camera is not used by anyone until he or she returns for his or her next shift. Police Detectives will not be required to wear the cameras during their regular work.

“Our entire department is committed to being 100% transparent with the public, which is why we’ve conducted public police roll calls throughout various neighborhoods, emphasized community policing, and made significant financial investments in body cameras during the years I’ve been with this department,” said director of public safety Samuel DeMaio.

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