PUR Lead Filters Available to Bloomfield Residents for Free at the Health Department

To address existing concerns about lead build up in home faucets and plumbing fixtures, the Township of Bloomfield has purchased hundreds of PUR water filters intended for Bloomfield households. The filters have been ordered and will arrive next week. Residents can pick up these filters free of charge from the Department of Health and Human Services, with home lead testing equipment.

“These PUR filters are shipped very quickly, and more can be ordered as demand is demonstrated. If you’re asking for a filter, that means you are concerned about the lead buildup in older homes in our community. Everyone is concerned about these issues, and we have a program for testing lead levels but we have a shortage of volunteers willing to participate,” said Township Administrator Matthew Watkins. “We have a team of dedicated professionals in the Health Department trying to help residents understand the causes of lead in their homes, so we are asking residents receiving free PUR water filters to participate in the lead testing program.”

A recent test of 61 homes found 16 had elevated levels of lead, and exceeded the purity standard or “action level” of 15 parts per billion established by the EPA. Most of the lead build-up was traced to the inside of homes, not the Township’s water mains. The Township is working with those elevated houses to remove the lead pipes. The Mayor and Council are determined to assist Bloomfield residents to remove lead that might remain in their homes. Providing these PUR water filters is one more step to assist residents who may not yet be certain if lead exists in their homes. “We are hopeful that our homeowners work with us to ensure that lead is removed from their homes,” said Mayor Michael Venezia.

PUR activated carbon filters are considered industry standard, and found to remove 99.9% of lead found in water and reduce the level of Chlorine by-products. PUR filters can be picked up from the Health Department, located at 1 Municipal Plaza, Bloomfield, between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. Supplies are limited to Bloomfield residents with proof of residency such as a tax bill, utility bill, or driver’s license. Visit the Health Department in person, or call 973-680-4024 to get your free filter, and home lead testing kit.

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