Baristanet Profile: Tiffany Booker

Name: Tiffany “Ms. Montclair” Booker

Where do you live? Montclair

When did you move here? I’m a life-long Montclair resident, and one of the estimated 10% of residents who lives, works, and plays in Montclair.

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion?

I am a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Jersey Properties and I own an Executive Assistant business. I truly enjoy connecting people to HOME, which is why my real estate business focuses on Life and Legacy Homes. A life home is your starter, growing, or forever home. A legacy home is a property you build a real estate portfolio with, whether it’s residential or commercial. I help people achieve their housing goals, and I believe you can build from everywhere, you just have to get started, have a plan, and keep moving forward.

Coffee, tea or … ? I am a Dunkin’ girl who loves the seasonal treat of Butter Pecan flavored coffee (extra cream, no sugar).

What’s your perfect weekend day?

The perfect weekend is touring properties with clients early in the day and spending time with my family for the remainder of the day. Whether we’re getting caught up on the shows we watch (every show on HGTV or The Big Bang Theory), making a trip to a shopping center, visiting friends or going out to eat, we enjoy each moment together.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? My go-to restaurant in town is The Office. I can go alone or meet up with friends and always have a good time.

What’s on your nightstand? My passport. It’s a daily reminder to think about where my next trip will be and to start making plans. It’s my prized possession.

What are you listening to? I usually listen to older songs from the late 90’s and 2000’s.

What are your current indulgences? I’ve been known to enjoy Thai Food. Drunken Noodles is my favorite!

What talent would you most like to have? I’d love to be a talented artist who can draw well.

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair?

Montclair itself used to be a secret. I think that it has become fairly commercialized and is losing its truly local small town feeling. I’m a believer in progress, but I always think about the cost of that progress.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? 

I hope people say that I died happy after seeing the WORLD with my son Jordan. I hope they are encouraged to see new places because I showed them how to see the WORLD without spending a fortune. I hope they say that they appreciated my assistance with helping them to create their own legacies….which was how I created my own. I also think they will acknowledge the fact that I wanted my son to be well-rounded so that he would be an adult who was caring, capable and successful.

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