Montclair Crime: Burglary at Montclair Antique Center, Car Theft


The week in crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:


12-18-2018 (South Park Street) A 48-year-old Verona man was arrested and charged with DWI.


12-21-2018 (Salvation Army, Trinity place) theft of a cellular telephone which had been left unattended in a bathroom.

12-21-2018 (Hilltop Place) Theft of a 2013 BMW 535 from a residential driveway. This vehicle had been left running and unattended.

12-22-2018 (Chestnut Street) An unlocked vehicle was rummaged through, but nothing reported missing.

12-23-2018 (Orange Road) Theft of a backpack from an unlocked motor vehicle.

12-24-2018 (Church Street, Montclair Antique Center) Burglary to a commercial establishment. Entry was gained by breaking a window. An unknown amount of jewelry was taken in this incident.

12-24-2018 (Maple Avenue) Theft of a 2012 Nissan Sentra from the driveway of a home.

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