Bloomfield Fire Department Begins Four Day Training Seminar


Forty-five members of the Bloomfield Fire Department, including all Captains and Chief Officers, will be participating in a leadership and team building workshop this week. The course, which began today, is by Frank Viscuso, retired Deputy Chief from the Township of Kearny, where he served for 27 years.

This workshop will help the department meet a National Fire Protection Association 1021 requirement for professional Fire Officers. Every year, each Fire Officer should complete 12 hours of continuing education of officer development training.

“Deputy Chief Viscuso is from this area, and understands the specific challenges we face and the importance of team work. Training is a top priority for our department. We strive to provide our members with the best training so they can be as effective and efficient as possible,” said Fire Chief Louis Venezia. “We are a team, and our team goal is to keep each other safe. This will help us provide a higher level of service to our community, so I would like to thank Deputy Chief Viscuso for helping us reach that level of excellence.”

A published author, Viscuso has spoken to hundreds of audiences all over the country on many topics including leadership and team building. He has delivered Keynote speeches at West Point Military Academy, various Universities, and will be a Keynote speaker for NASA in 2019.

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