Bloomfield Police Arrest Belleville Woman and Kearny Man in Package Theft Case


A Belleville woman and a Kearny man have been charged with theft of property for stealing a package from a Newark Avenue porch on Saturday, December 29. The Bloomfield Police Department cites cooperation from neighbors and the Belleville Police Department with quickly solving the case.

Home surveillance footage at the time of the theft shows a woman get out of a car driven by an accomplice before taking the package. Bloomfield Police Department personnel believed the woman to be 29-year-old Belleville resident Brittany Kiessler and send a tracking alert to surrounding towns. The suspect had been arrested in Belleville for an open warrant. With this information, she was arrested on Wednesday, January 2. In police custody, she identified her accomplice as 35-year-old Matthew Hemphill, a resident of Kearny. Both have been issued court summonses.

“I want to thank our dedicated detectives for working so quickly and using the resources available to us to identify the suspects. I would also like to thank the Belleville Police Department, which had previously interrogated Ms. Kiessler about an unrelated matter, for working with us to make sure we had the right person. When neighboring Police Departments work together we are able to solve more cases, more quickly, bringing closure to victims and keeping our neighborhoods safe,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio.

Package thefts were down this holiday season, in part because of conscious efforts by the Bloomfield Police leadership to increase police presence during the day time. The Department also utilized undercover police vehicles to follow delivery trucks and watch for suspicious behavior from residents who observed the packages delivered to unattended homes.

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