Montclair Schools To Review Security After Breach At High School Involving Homeless Man


Montclair Schools Superintendent Kendra Johnson and Montclair High School Principal Anthony Grosso sent messages to Montclair families following a security breach at the high school Friday morning:

Today we had a security breach at Montclair High School. A homeless man was found in the lobby of the auditorium smoking a cigarette before 7 am during non-instructional hours. The detail of this incident was emailed to high school families this morning and that message is below. In light of this incident, we wanted the entire district community to know that even though no one was hurt and the day’s schedule was unaffected, we are taking this situation very seriously and are reviewing all protocols and safety measures throughout the district.

For your consideration, we are in contact with our security consultants to review their recommendations in this area. Equally as important, we notified our school leaders and all safety teams to be extremely vigilant and maintain all procedures regarding access to their buildings.

Today’s incident reminds us, once again, to remind students to keep safety first and alert trusted adults and authorities if they see something. We recognize our obligation to ensure our students and staff feel safe on campus, and we are continuing to work with our safety teams and consultants to ensure this situation does not happen again anywhere in our district.

Dr. Kendra Johnson, Superintendent

Message from High School Principal

Dear MHS Parents/Guardians,

This morning at 6:54 am, during non-instructional hours, a homeless man entered the building through an auditorium door that was open for teacher access and he was in the auditorium lobby smoking a cigarette. A student saw him through the door and called the police. The student did not enter the building and did not come in contact with the man. After calling the police, the student reported it to the Main Office. Security was immediately notified and several security guards went to the auditorium lobby, but the man was already leaving. All doors are normally locked and moving forward, we will be especially diligent that all doors are kept locked unless a security guard is posted at the door. We will be meeting as an administrative and safety team to ensure that a situation like this does not occur again, and we will be proactive with all safety and security measures and all access points to the building.

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