Union Congregational Church to Talk about Gender Identity


Union Congregational Church will present a series in January and February, “Exploring Gender, Sexuality, and Faith.” The sessions will take place at 11:30 a.m. and each will have a moderator who brings a different perspective.

Remaining sessions include:

A discussion, on Jan. 20 is to be led by Jamie Bruesehoff. She is the mother of a child who transitioned at the age of 8. Her family’s experience highlights the need for dialogue.

Parity, a New York-based non-profit, that “celebrates the spirituality, faith and religious expression of LGBTQ people” will present a program on Feb. 3. Executive director, Marian Edmonds-Allen and board member, Sontaia Briggs will share their perspective of working with various faith-based organizations and youth in particular.

On Feb. 10, Traci C. West, professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theology School, will speak about changing realities in the world today.

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