Another Montclair Historic Home Disappears With Demolition At 14 Undercliff Road

Back in October, we told you about two historic Montclair homes — one at 14 Undercliff Road, the other at 172 Lloyd Road — that could be demolished if Montclair Zoning Board approves an application by 14 Undercliff LLC.

This weekend, one of the homes, 14 Undercliff, was demolished.

14 Undercliff, after being demolished this weekend.

An application was filed with the Montclair Planning Department to combine these two adjacent properties, according to Montclair Township communications director Katya Wowk, which Baristanet reported here back in October.

But that application did not prevent the demolition of 14 Undercliff over the weekend.

Wowk told Baristanet Monday that demolition permits were issued for 14 Undercliff but the owners, 14 Undercliff LLC, still have to present plans at the February 28 HPC meeting (assuming they get the plans to the commission submitted by this Friday). And then, they will need to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment March 20.

The two houses purchased by 14 Undercliff LLC – 172 Lloyd Road and 14 Undercliff (before demolition)

“The properties have been designated as potential historic properties – they do not have the historic designation,” said Wowk. “The plans must nevertheless be brought before the HPC because a variance is required (the HPC can make recommendations). For the same reason, they’ll have to come before the Zoning Board of Adjustment (who will decide whether or not to grant the variance).”

Assistant Planner Graham Petto told Wowk the variances are for a 25-foot rear setback where 141 is required and another for 38.5 feet height where 35 is the permitted height.

Montclair Planning Board member Martin Schwartz says the demolition could have avoided if the town had not eliminated the no knock down law protections in 2012.

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  1. Unacceptable. The township must be held responsible. They are at fault. They granted demolition permits. This land should be reclaimed by eminent domain and given to Eagle Rock Reservation instead of an out of character McMansion.

  2. I’d simply laugh at frankgg’s typically inane ramblings here if what he was saying was not inherently fascistic. Mussolini was big on land confiscation, eh Frankie? Acqua in bocca!

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