Essex County Prosecutor and West Essex Police Departments Form Anti-Crime Task Force

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and nine Police Departments in the western part of the county have formed an Anti-Crime Task Force.

The anti-crime partnership will allow police officers from Caldwell, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Fairfield, North Caldwell, Roseland, Verona, West Caldwell and Livingston to work together combating crimes that go beyond established geographical borders such as burglaries, car thefts and other quality of life issues that affect the residents of each of the nine towns. The partnership will focus on deterrence, education and detection. The officers assigned will participate in safety checkpoints throughout the partnership towns in addition to increased cooperative patrols.

“One of the most effective ways of extending the reach of law enforcement is by sharing information and personnel,’’ said Acting Prosecutor Stephens. “Criminals do not recognize borders particularly when it comes to property crimes. By working together, we can identity patterns that we hope will enable us to solve crimes quicker and disrupt criminal crews that may be working in multiple communities.’’

North Caldwell Police Chief Mark A. Deuer, the President of the West Essex Chiefs’ Association, said, “The local police chiefs all saw a need to help each other combat auto thefts and burglaries in the area. Although we have always had a great working relationship with each other, this new unit brings us all together as one team with one mission. With the full support of the Essex County Prosecutors Office we are sure this new initiative will be a success.”

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