Bloomfield Fire Department Providing Enhanced Services Responding to Medical Emergencies

Since January 1, Bloomfield Firefighters have been joining EMS teams as first responders to the scene of medical emergencies called into 911. Bloomfield Fire Chief Louis Venezia introduced the initiative as a way to provide EMS crews with support to more efficiently utilize public safety resources.

“The added presence of Firefighters at the scene of medical emergencies has been a tremendous help to our EMS response system while freeing up the Police Department to focus on criminal investigations and other needs of Bloomfield residents,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “I would like to salute the entire Fire Department and its leadership for their dedication to public service by collaborating with every branch of our Public Safety Division to keep residents safe.”

Last year, Mayor Venezia proposed expanding the function of the Bloomfield Fire Department, recognizing that fire personnel could be utilized to speed up response time for emergency medical calls and support the service provided by Bloomfield EMS. Training of fire personnel started early last year under the direction of then-Deputy Fire Chief Louis Venezia. Now with Firefighters trained and emergency medical equipment supplied, Chief Venezia has fully implemented this function of the Bloomfield Fire Department. This great new service is being performed throughout the township, with the Fire Department adding value without any additional cost to taxpayers.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have been sending out fire engines to respond to approximately 150 medical calls a month. Many of our department members are certified EMTs, so they can provide assistance to the EMS responders when needed, but we can also provide basic life saving measures prior to EMS arrival,” said Fire Chief Louis Venezia. “Our four fire stations are optimally located to respond quickly to any part of town and we take great pride in doing everything we can to help our community members in times of an emergency.”

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