Umbrella Launches in Northern New Jersey, Kicking Off with Event at Lifelong Montclair

Owning a home can take a lot of work, and that only gets more difficult as one grows older. According the AARP, however, over 87% of adults 65+ would prefer to remain in their current homes as they age. Montclair seniors found out how to get help around the house from Umbrella, a company that offers an easy way for people 65+ to care for their home.

Umbrella is making its way to Northern New Jersey, a year and a half after launching their first market in Nassau County, New York. In honor of their launch, Umbrella held a Lunch and Learn in partnership with Lifelong Montclair, an age-friendly community that focuses on transforming Montclair into a great place to grow older.

Umbrella aims to help seniors keep up with all of the work that goes into owning a home so that they are able to live there comfortably as they age. Umbrella’s workers can help with the little things that come up, like changing light bulbs, cleaning ceiling fans, and organizing the garage, as well as the bigger tasks, like plumbing issues, power washing, and window cleaning.

Umbrella’s Montclair launch event attracted a full house – there were more than 60 local seniors in attendance. Lindsay Ullman, CEO of Umbrella, led a presentation and Q&A about the service.

Lindsay Ullman, Umbrella CEO, with Michelle DeWitt – Senior Citizens Coordinator at Lifelong Montclair

Umbrella’s mission is very similar to Lifelong Montclair’s. By uniting a community of skilled Umbrella Neighbors – handy community folks – and curated trusted professionals, Umbrella makes it easier and more affordable for seniors to live independently. More than 50% of Umbrella Neighbors are recent retirees – providing purposeful work and extra income to people looking to help out local seniors.

“We are thrilled to bring Umbrella to Northern New Jersey, and are looking forward to serving the community here,” said Ullman.

Umbrella is a membership program. Members have access to a number of different services, including handy help by Umbrella Neighbors for just $20/hour, a network of vetted professionals for larger jobs, and additional seasonal packages like landscaping and snow removal.

To learn more about Umbrella, visit or call 973-200-4499.

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