UPDATED Montclair Crime: Man Arrested For Possession of Handgun and High Capacity Magazine Near Wellmont Theater

Montclair Police corrected their blotter to reflect the following:

Mr. Xavier Champagne, 31yoa from Los Angeles California was charged with Possession of CDS. (Mr. Champagne did not receive any weapons charges in this incident)

Mr. Bryan Pollard, 29yoa from Temple Hills MD, was charged with Possession of a Handgun, Possession of a High Capacity Magazine, and Possession of CDS.


04-24-2019 (Clinton Avenue) Possible burglary to a residence. Jewelry from a master bedroom was noticed missing in this incident. There was no sign of forced entry to the home.

04-25-2019 (Bareburger, Bloomfield Avenue) Theft of a wallet from a pocketbook inside the establishment.

04-27-2019 (Midland Avenue) Theft of two bicycles from an unlocked garden shed in the rear of a home.

04-30-2019 (Heller Way) Theft of a black 2018 Land Rover from a residential driveway. This vehicle was unlocked with the key left inside.


04-28-2019 (Nishuane Park) Four parked vehicles were vandalized during a softball game. All for cars received deep scratches along their driver side doors and panels.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

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