Montclair Crime: Strong Arm Robbery On Bloomfield Ave.


The week in Montclair crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:

Strongarm Robbery:
04-03-2019 (7-11, Bloomfield Avenue) A suspect described as a light skinned male, early 20’s, 5’6 height, with a thin build, entered the store and demanded that they return a vape pen which he had previously purchased. He then threatened to “beat up” the store employee if he did not give him $60. The suspect took the cash and left the store.

04-06-2019 (Watchung Avenue) A 33-year-old Clifton man was arrested and charged with DWI.
04-06-2019 (Grove Street) A 27-year-old East Orange woman was arrested and charged with DWI.
04-07-2019 (Elm Street) A 22-year-old Franklin Lakes man was arrested and charged with DWI.

04-05-2019 (Tierney’s, Valley Road) Theft of an unattended jacket from a booth inside the restaurant.
04-07-2019 (CVS, Claremont Avenue) Shoplifting of numerous personal hygiene items. The suspects are described as an African-American male in his late 20s, approximately 5’9’’and wearing a black jacket and light-colored jeans and an African-American female in her late 20s, approximately 5’4’’, wearing dark pants and a black vest.
04-07-2019 (Myrtle Avenue) Theft of a bicycle from a residential garage. A window was broken to gain access to the structure.
04-08-2019 (Orange Road) Theft of a bicycle from a residential garage. No sign of forced entry.
04-09-2019 (Bloomfield Avenue) A vehicle was entered and rummaged through, but nothing reported taken.
04-09-2019 (Baldwin Street) Theft of a bicycle from the rear lot of an apartment building.
04-09-2019 (Norwood Avenue) Theft of a backpack from a parked vehicle. This backpack contained a laptop computer.

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