A Loss For Pine Street: 73 See Gallery Owner To “Move On,” 7th Annual ArtFest Takes Place June 8


It opened in 2011. And since then, artists and musicians have filled the space with creativity and made it an arts hub for the Pine Street Historic District.

Mary Z Scotti announced on Facebook: “It is with sadness yet gratitude that I need to announce 73 See Gallery must move on. Our 7th Annual ArtFest is scheduled for June 8th, as always. Let’s make it great.”

73 see gallery
A photo of 73 See Gallery from one of its many installations.

“Going forward, I carry in my heart all we have accomplished here in this, our Pine Street neighborhood. What ever I do next will have been enriched by my experiences here with all of you, my neighbors. I hope that each of you can take your own future in hand and see this not as an ending but a shared experience. One that can fortify and lend support and faith in all our tomorrows,” Mary Z writes.

73 See Gallery not only celebrated local artists, it also celebrated Pine Street itself, with an exhibit “Homage to Pine Street.”

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