Bloomfield’s Senior Citizen Prom Draws 160, Including Senator Menendez

More than 160 local senior citizens came to the Knights of Columbus building on State Street to enjoy great food, and dancing at the Township’s annual “prom” event on Friday, May 3rd. The festivities were organized by the Bloomfield Humans Services staff, Neighbor to Neighbor Network and the Bloomfield College Nursing Students. Many of the senior citizens and students were out on the dance floor enjoying the music by Arminio Entertainment.

Many of the attendees from Bloomfield were picked up by Bloomfield Township buses, and driven home after the afternoon’s festivities. Mayor Michael Venezia, Councilman Nicholas Joanow and Councilwoman Sarah Cruz were joined at the prom by U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, who could be seen shaking hands and having discussions with seniors all around the room. At the prom, awards were given to Brookdale ShopRite owner Neil Greenstein, and Pam Scott, Executive Director of the Partners for Health Foundation, for their continued support for local groups.

Councilwoman Cruz, Mayor Venezia, Pam Scott, Sen. Menendez, Councilman Joanow. Photos: Office of Bob Menendez

“This annual prom has become a favored tradition for not just Bloomfield senior citizens, but the people from BMCA, NTNN and the Health and Human Services Department who enjoy volunteering, and seeing our neighbors smile,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “I would like to thank Human Services Supervisor Paula Peikes and Stephanie Cruz, who do a great job putting this event together every year, procuring food and party donations from local businesses, like ShopRite, and great entertainment for our senior citizens, who have really embraced this Bloomfield tradition.”

“I was once again thrilled with the way our prom turned out. Residents were engaged, and clearly having a great time, getting to dance, and socialize with fellow seniors who they might not be able to see as often as they would like,” said Human Services Supervisor Paula Peikes. “I would like to thank Mayor Venezia and the Township Council for their support for this and other events to bring the community together, and also Senator Menendez for attending, and proudly representing Bloomfield in Washington D.C.”

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