Get Ready To Cheer! Montclair High School Project Graduation Parade Route

Get ready to cheer for Montclair High School’s Class of 2019 as they make their way from graduation to Project Graduation.

Project Graduation will occur on Wednesday, June 26, right after the MHS graduation ceremony. The purpose of Project Graduation is to celebrate Montclair High School seniors with an all-night alcohol and drug free party. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of MHS celebrating Project Graduation.

If you are not familiar with Project Graduation parade, check out this video made by a Montclair mom last year, of the Class of 2018 making their way through town on buses to a secret party destination, greeted by cheering crowds along the way. When graduation ends around 8 p.m., the graduates will board buses and begin the parade through Montclair.

Want to cheer on the Class of 2019? Here is the official parade route for this year’s Project Graduation:

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