Sponsored: Daybreak DBT Skills Summer Intensive for Young Adults

Daybreak DBT Skills Summer Intensive for Young Adults: Mental Health Resiliency & Eating Disorder Recovery

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Skills is the most comprehensive mental health curriculum of coping skills we have today. DBT is and evidenced-based and a comprehensive treatment developed by Marcia Linehan, originally designed for individuals with pervasive emotion dysregulation.

This summer at DAYBREAK DBT, we are offering a Summer Intensive Boot Camp for Young Adults and University students home for the summer, entering college, on summer break or graduating and entering the work force. Young adults learn the formal DBT skill set in an intensive format with the support of their peers.

Daybreak’s DBT curriculum helps young adults develop coping skills for states of anxiety and depression, teaches them to think more clearly, and make healthy decisions for themselves. Experiential group therapy modalities includes mindful meditation, stress management, and the expressive arts therapies as tools for self-care and self-expression.

DAYBREAK DBT includes a track in the intensive program for eating disorder recovery and relapse prevention. Group members have the opportunity to learn formal DBT skills as they apply to eating disorder recovery and relapse prevention. In a DBT skills class integrated with meal support, group members are given cognitive and experiential exercises to identify feeling states and cope with food challenges.

Who is DBT for?

Daybreak DBT Skills Group Program is for adolescents, young adults and adults. The CBT/DBT method is now being adapted as treatment for a broad range of people who can benefit from better regulation of mood and anxiety and who need to manage their stress better. It is now being offered as an early intervention and prevention model, for anyone who wishes better emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills.

How do I get started?

Our skills groups for young people and adults begin with a thorough mental health DBT assessment and goal setting.

Learn More

Parents and professionals who would like more information can contact Barbara Reese, LCSW, CED-S, Director at 973-783-2292, or visit www.DaybreakDBT.com

Barbara Reese is Clinical Director of The Daybreak DBT Program. She is Intensively-Trained by Behavioral Tech, the training institute of Marcia Linehan and is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist-Supervisor.

Daybreak DBT Skills Group Program is a Co-Ed mental health and eating disorder recovery program of the Women’s Therapy Service of Montclair, LLC, serving the families of Essex County families since 1995. Daybreak DBT program is held at the beautiful and healing environment of the Academy Square, with its peaceful surrounds and courtyard.

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